AP Exam 2022 Schedule: Dates, Timing, Days, Tests & Registration

Hi readers! Are you looking for AP exam dates and schedule for the year 2022? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, I’ve covered the following details – 2022 AP exam dates, timing and overall schedule.

AP Test Schedule

Before checking 2022 AP test schedule, let us take a closer look at AP courses. In the next section, you will find basic details about AP classes. Let us start –


AP stands for Advanced Placement. AP program was created by the College Board. This program has been introduced keeping the needs of high school students in mind.


Under AP program, college level subjects and examinations are offered to high school students. Based on a student’s performance in AP exams, American colleges and universities may provide him/her with placement and course credit. You may also check – List of AP courses.


Let us check out AP test schedule now. In the next section, you will find more details such as – dates and timing. Let us start –


AP Exam 2022 Schedule: Timing, Days & Overall Schedule

AP exams are taken each May by students. The examination is conducted by the College Board. Students usually take the exam (in May each year) after taking one year long AP classes.


The test will take place in the first two weeks of May 2022. Broadly speaking, the test schedule can be broken down into two main parts –

  1. Week 1
  2. Week 2


Let us take a closer look at each week –


1 AP Test Week 1 Schedule: Dates, Timing & Exams

Date Time
May 4 (Monday)
  • 8 AM (United States Government and Politics)
  • 12 PM (AP Physics C: Mechanics)
  • 2 PM (AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism)
May 5 (Tuesday)
  • 8 AM (AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC)
  • 12 PM (AP German Language and Culture AP Human Geography)
May 6 (Wednesday)
  • 8 AM (AP English Literature and Composition)
  • 12 PM (AP Physics 2, AP European History)
May 7 (Thursday)
  • 8 AM (AP Spanish Literature and Culture, AP Chemistry)
  • 12 PM (AP Japanese Language and Culture, AP Physics 1)
May 8 (Friday)
  • 8 AM (AP United States History)
  • 12 PM (AP Art History, AP Computer Science A)


Note: May 8 (Friday) 8 PM ET is the deadline for submitting the following things – AP 3D Art and Design Portfolio, AP 2D Art and Design Portfolio, AP Drawing Portfolio. This deadline is applicable to coordinators.


Let us check out week 2 schedule now. Here it is –


2 AP Test Week 2 Schedule: Dates, Timing & Exams

Date Time
May 11 (Monday)
  • 8 AM (AP Biology)
  • 12 PM (AP Chinese Language and Culture, AP Environmental Science)
May 12 (Tuesday)
  • 8 AM (AP Seminar, AP Spanish Language and Culture)
  • 12 PM (AP Psychology, AP Latin)
May 13 (Wednesday)
  • 8 AM (AP English Language and Composition)
  • 12 PM (AP Microeconomics, AP Music Theory)
May 14 (Thursday)
  • 8 AM (AP Comparative Government and Politics, AP World History: Modern)
  • 12 PM (AP Macroeconomics, AP Italian Language and Culture)
May 15 (Friday)
  • 8 AM (AP Computer Science Principles, AP French Language and Culture)
  • 12 PM (AP Statistics)
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