Animation Institutes in India- All That Glitters is Not Gold! Misleading Advertising, Placement Records and More!

Animation and Multimedia studies is gaining huge popularity in India. More and more students are opting for this course each year. We all know how education has been commercialized in India. Institutes these days focus solely on financial profit (not all of them!). In this article, I’ll explain in detail about how many animation institutes in India are taking students and their parents for a ride! I’ll describe how they ‘advertise’ their institute’s placement records, faculty quality and mislead unsuspecting students and parents!


They are happy. But Indian animation students (many of them) aren’t!

Sure, the field of animation has got decent scope in India. But the scene is not as rosy as many private institutes claim it to be! It takes adequate skills, creativity, work experience and right contacts to make it big in the field of animation. This is not something that these institutes are keen to tell students and their parents.


What these institutes do is advertise about the ‘immense scope’ of this field and quality of their staff and institute. They use terms like ‘experienced faculty’, ‘good placement record’ etc to attract students.


I’d like to add that not all institutes offering animation courses are foul players. But many of them, through advertisements and false promises, mislead students. For example- they boast about impressive placement records. But, these placements are not very impressive, when we take a closer look at them!


Many institutes ‘place’ students in local design studios, photography studios and printing firms. Most of the jobs have nothing to do with animation.


Institutes promise students core animation jobs through their advertisements. After course completion, students are given entry level jobs that have nothing to do with the field of animation! Most of these jobs pay paltry amount of sum. Students and parents have to go through all this after paying the animation institute a hefty fees!


Some institutes are known to hire their students as instructors, as soon as they complete their course. This way, the institute can boast that the student has been ‘placed’. Now, what will a freshly graduated student, who has no work or industry experience, teach others?


The above mentioned fact contradicts the claim of ‘experienced faculty’ that many institutes boast of! In short, students are told that they will be able to work at high profile design firms and animation studios, huge fees is levied from them, then they are taught outdated course content by inexperienced instructors and finally they are ‘placed’ at places where they are paid paltry sums and asked to do work that has nothing to do with animation!


I’m not saying that all institutes indulge in such activities. Sadly, many of them are guilty. Outdated course content, inadequate lab facilities, inexperienced faculty and misleading placement figures can be found to be associated with many institutes.


At the end of the day, such institutes and their managers walk their way to the bank laughing! Students and parents are left wondering where things actually went wrong!


With this article, I’m not trying to discourage you from pursuing animation studies. I just want to make sure that you know what ‘reality’ is. Oftentimes, students tend to get mislead by the advertisements and claims of such institutes.


To become a top animator, one must pursue the course from a reputed institute that offers up-to-date course material and has experienced faculty with decent work experience. Apart from that, after graduation, students must develop their skills, take up entry level jobs and work their way up. It takes patience and hard work to become a well known and well paid animator.


High profile animation studios look at creativity, skills and work ethic of candidates. Many of them are not too keen about knowing the academic performance of candidates. They analyze candidates’ skills and creativity through his/her works and performance in interview.


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To reach that level, one must be willing to toil hard even after completing the course. Also, networking with the right people will prove to be beneficial in the long run!


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