Air Hostess Age Limit, Eyesight, Height, Weight, Physical & Medical Standards

Do you want to become an air hostess in India? If yes, this article will be of help to you! Here, I’ve provided details about physical and medical standards that you need to satisfy, if you want to become an air hostess.

Air Hostess

How’s this article of help to me, you may ask. Here, you will find important details about air hostess recruitment such as – age limit, physical standards, medical standards, height-weight ratio and eyesight requirements.


Physical and medical criteria set by airlines and recruiters may vary slightly from one another. The conditions mentioned here may not necessarily be applicable in cases of all airlines and recruiters! Readers should check the criteria and requirements laid out by specific airline or recruiter, while applying for job/interview.


Okay, the above paragraph is like a note/warning. As I mentioned before, these criteria may vary from one airline to another (slightly). But the core requirements remain the same!


Okay, now that we are done with formal announcements, let us move to the meat of the matter! Let us start!


Let us start off with the list of physical standards. Here it is –


Physical Standards


  • Minimum height requirement is 157 cm (for females) and 170 cm (for males). This requirement may differ from one airline to another.
  • Weight of the candidate should be in proportion to his/her weight.
  • Spotless skin complexion will give candidates an edge.
  • Candidate has to be physically fit.



It is now time to check out the list of medical standards. Here it is –


Medical Standards


  • Eyesight requirements- minimum eyesight requirement is 6/9. Many airlines allow candidates to correct eyesight and make it 20/20!
  • Candidate shouldn’t have had history of mental illness in the past.
  • Candidate should not be suffering from serious Cardiovascular disease.


Age limit is generally between 18-25 years of age (at the time of applying for the job/interview).



So, you want to become an air hostess, right? Of course, it is a good choice. It is a good profession in many ways. It is financially well rewarding. If you love to travel around, this profession can prove to be very well rewarding for you!


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