What After GNM? Advanced Courses & Careers

GNM (General Nursing and Midwifery) is a Diploma program. Even though it is a job oriented course, there still exists a better valued nursing program above it- B.Sc. in Nursing. B.Sc. program leads to Bachelor’s Degree and is much more valuable than the Diploma certificate. The Bachelor’s Degree comes with better career prospects. Scope of working abroad is also much more, when it comes to Bachelor’s Degree in nursing.




Many GNM Diploma holders ask this question- ‘what to do after completing GNM?’ ‘how to get Nursing Degree after getting Diploma in GNM?’. This article will answer such queries.


Here, I have mentioned a career path. Following this path, you may pursue B.Sc. in Nursing course, complete it, and thus boost one’s career prospects!


For GNM Certificate holders, there exists a Degree nursing called the B.Sc. in Nursing (Post Basic). It is also known by the name of B.Sc. in Nursing (Post certificate).


Note: There also exist Diploma specialty nursing programs, which can be pursued after completing GNM course.


Unlike the regular B.Sc. Nursing program, Post Basic Nursing program’s course duration is just 2 years. In case of distance education mode, the course duration of Post Basic Nursing program is 3 years.


Pursuing the B.Sc. Nursing (Post Basic) program gives GNM certificate holders an additional qualification. Let us run through the eligibility criteria in case of Post Basic program.



GNM Diploma holders, who have completed the course from an INC (Indian Nursing Council) recognized institute, who are registered with State Nurse Registration Council as R.N.R.M., are eligible to pursue B.Sc. Nursing (Post Basic) course.


Career path & further studies

After GNM, one may register with State Nurse Registration Council as R.N.R.M. After this, one may work and gain some work experience.


This qualification can be used to join B.Sc. Nursing (Post Basic) program offered by INC recognized institutes. After completing the B.Sc. program, one will be awarded a Nursing Degree.


Note: If you are not interested in the B.Sc. Post Basic and M.Sc. career path mentioned here, you may go for Diploma specialty nursing programs after GNM.


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Using this Nursing Degree, one may find a job in India or abroad. If you want to study further, you may go for the following courses-

  • M.Sc. in Nursing
  • PG Diploma in Nursing


The above mentioned PG programs can be used to specialize in any one of the many nursing specialties available. If one want to go for further advanced programs, M.Phil. and PhD programs are available.


If you follow the career path mentioned in this article, you could go on and add additional qualifications, other than the GNM Diploma. These additional qualifications will drastically boost your career prospects.

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