Advantages of Online Courses

Online courses are awesome! In this article, you will be reading about the main advantages of online courses.

Online courses advantages

I’ve already compiled a list of top online courses in India. In that post, I’ve mentioned the main advantages offered by online courses.


Then I decided to write a separate post on the same topic – benefits of online courses – and explain things in detail. Come, let us check out the main benefits offered by online education programs –


Main advantages of online courses


1 Availability of free courses

Not all online courses are free. But there are many awesome online courses available on the internet for free. For example, NPTEL and SWAYAM are offering some great academic programs online for free.


Apart from that, many private E-Learning portals are also known to offer great courses for free! This is a really good advantage.


2 Wide variety of courses to choose from

Access an E-Learning website and check out the academic programs listed there. You’ll be surprised by the amount of programs they’re offering!


Engineering, IT, programming, bioethics, MBA, Digital marketing, computer courses – E-Learning portals cover a wide variety of academic programs!


3 Low fees

In most of the cases, pursuing an online course is relatively cheaper than pursuing a full-time classroom (regular) course. This fact is not true in all cases though!


4 Learn from the comfort of your home

With an internet connection and a smartphone, you can access online courses from anywhere! Yes, you may learn educational programs right from the comfort of your home.


5 Flexible timings

Classroom lectures are planned and organized. You must be physically present in the classroom during the lecture.


Online courses offer flexible learning hours. You may choose your own timings and access the course when it is convenient for you!


6 A boon for students and working professionals

Students and working professionals are almost always short on time! Students get busy with school activities. Working professionals have to tackle office work!


For them, online courses are nothing less than a boon! Students and working professionals may utilize the flexible timings advantage and find time to pursue online courses!


7 Acquire new skills and/or upgrade your skills

Most of the online courses are skill-enhancing training programs. They are designed to develop new skills/upgrade existing skills in people.


New/improved skills can help you get a new or better job! In short, online courses are job oriented programs. They can help you get your dream job or a promotion.


8 Certifications that add value to your resume

After completing an online program successfully, you’ll be awarded a ‘certification’. If it is a good course that you’ve completed, this certification will definitely add more value to your resume.

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