Apnaahangout is an education and career information portal. Here, you’ll find articles on topics such as- tips for students, courses and career tips after 12th, Engineering branches, interesting and useful facts. Apnaahangout focuses on all things related to Education and Career!

This blog was started by a team of friends, during their college days. As of now, the active admin of this blog is Arun Kallarackal. Here is how he looks like-

Arun Kallarackal


He is a pretty normal guy, just like you folks. And yes, he likes to blog, guide students, provide career counseling, watch & play football and travel around. Add him on Facebook to get in touch with him. Doing so will have no side effects! Here is Arun’s Google+ profile. Follow him on Google+ also!


Aim of this blog-


Through this blog, I want to share useful information, so that people may easily access it and make use of it! I make sure that only well researched articles are published here.

Information is easily available, thanks to Search Engines. But, usually, for many folks, this information is hard to understand. Hence they can’t really make use of it!

At Apnaahangout, I make sure that the articles are as detailed as possible. Ample effort is put towards research. So the facts and figures published on this blog are accurate.

Language is also given importance. Simple, easy to understand language is being used while writing articles and guides.


Why Apnaahangout? What makes it special?


This blog is updated and maintained by Arun Kallarackal- a man who has up-to-date knowledge about the field of education. Articles published here provide readers with accurate information and facts. In this age of information overload, it is difficult to obtain ‘correct’ information and ‘to the point’ answers to students’ questions.

Providing accurate information and answers to questions posed by students is something that Arun likes to do. This blog is where he shares useful information and provides answers to students’ questions.


Categories covered-


As I said before, my aim is to provide useful information to students. I cover different topics related to the broad field of education. Coming to the topics covered by this blog, the main ones are- Courses after 12th, Career related articles (IAF, Indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Coast Guard and other major Government Recruitment NEWS), professional courses’ analysis, common useful information and facts etc.