Top 5 ‘In demand’ ME/M Tech branches

These days, for many students, just completing BE (Bachelor of Engineering) or B Tech (Bachelor of Technology) is not enough. Going for Masters Degree, ME/M Tech, is something that many of them do. But again, when it comes to Indian engineering graduates, the choice of the branch that they want to pursue for Masters Degree are the same old boring ones. In this article, I’ll mention some not so pursued branches, the ones that are in good demand! After graduating, students won’t find it difficult to land well paying jobs!

As I mentioned before, I won’t be mentioning Masters in Core branches of Engineering or other such regular and much chosen branches. The ones that you’ll find in this article will be relatively less chosen ones.

top ME/M Tech branches

Some in demand and hot ME and M Tech branches for Engineering graduates


#1 ME/M Tech in Petroleum Engineering

masters in petroleum engineering

Petroleum and its associated products are used by countries all over the world. The problem with this resource is that it is a non renewable one. So, countries and industries around the world are looking at means and ways of innovating petroleum industry. They are endeavoring to revolutionize stages like excavation, processing, use, recycling etc associated with petroleum and petroleum goods. GATE will help you secure admission into reputed Engineering Colleges.

Since most industries require petroleum and associated goods, petroleum engineers are required in most cases. Also, petroleum production forms and Government agencies also require such graduates. So, a Masters Degree in this field will prove to be of great value!


#2 ME/M Tech in Oil and Gas Engineering

masters in oil and natural gas engineering

Again, this field is associated with a natural resource that is non renewable. Just like the above entry, this one also has same characteristics. Graduates in this field will easily find jobs in stages of excavation, refining, using and recycling of natural gas and associated products.


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#3 ME/M Tech in Engineering Management

masters in engineering management

This is not your classical Engineering branch. This one has roots of both management and Engineering in it. These days, many Engineering graduates are opting to go for MBA to please the corporate world and bag lucrative jobs.

Companies want Engineers who have good management skills also! Instead of going for MBA, why not opt for Masters in Engineering Management? This course is tailor made for Engineers. So, if it is instilling management skills that you are looking forward to, after engineering, then this course is better than MBA course.


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#4 ME/M Tech in Project Management

masters in project management

This one is slightly related to the above entry, but not exactly same as it. This branch is all about imparting management skills to tackle and complete a full-fledged Engineering project! It is about managing a team, setting goals, achieving goals, forming/improvising strategies, man management, evaluating performance etc.


#5 ME/M Tech in Safety Engineering

masters in safety engineering and management

Industries around the world are laying more importance than ever on safety aspects. Governments around the world have decided to step up safety aspects in industries and work environment. This has led them to sanction strict safety laws and rules, which industries are supposed to follow at all costs. In many countries, it is must for a factory to have a safety officer. This is where Safety Engineering graduates can easily find themselves getting a job! After BE/B Tech, any graduate may take up this course and become a safety officer in traditional industrial enterprises (factories), Government departments, ships (Merchant Navy, Marine liners) etc.

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