3 Tips To Select The Right Engineering Branch

3 Tips To Select The Right Engineering Branch

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Engineering graduates’ number is increasing each year. This is due to the increased number of Engineering colleges, the increasing number of Engineering branches (and thus seats!) and the ‘Engineering Craze’ among the students and their parents. Many students who choose Engineering do so because of peer and parental pressure. Some students are confused about the selection of the suitable branch of Engineering.

Well, the confusion is justified. Today, there are number of Engineering branches! Earlier, there used to be only the core branches- Electrical, Mechanical and Civil Engineering. Now, the number of branch has increased rapidly and so has the confusion about selecting the suitable one. Many students are even unaware of certain new branches of Engineering. You may also check – Engineering courses in India.

Even I’ve been bombarded with requests by 12th passed students, who want me to select a suitable branch for them! So, I decided to put forward an article that will provide you with tips to select the Engineering branch suitable for you. You may also check – Engineering exams in India.

#1 Know your Interestpassion

Well, this part is the most important. Why do we study? Yes, to acquire knowledge and use that knowledge later (while doing job). So, if you choose an Engineering branch that you are not interested in/not passionate about, then later, you won’t enjoy your job too. And yes, doing a boring job is like going through hell!

So, if you are not at all interested in vehicles and you selected automobile engineering, then I personally don’t feel it is the right choice. On the other side, if you are passionate about vehicles and their mechanics, then you must try to pursue automobile engineering. I hope you got my point.

#2 Job prospectsgood job prospects

What is the use of an Engineering degree when you can’t find a job using it? Recession is a big bad villain. It has resulted in joblessness. Certain Engineering branches were particularly affected by it. The best example is IT (Information Technology). Many IT folks were axed and many had to take pay cuts after the recession. Still, many IT engineers (who are not from premier engineering institutes) struggle to land decent jobs.

So, while choosing your Engineering branch, keep in mind the job prospects related to that branch.

#3 Field Tripsfield trip helps

Before selecting an Engineering branch, try to do a field trip. By field trip, I mean visiting a work place/industrial site/office related to the branch that you will select. Suppose you are all set to select Chemical Engineering, then visit a chemical industrial plant. This way, you will get to see the ‘situations’ which you have to face once you get a job after engineering, the challenges you may face, the environment in which you will work etc. You may also meet a Chemical engineer and discuss with him.

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So, these are the important tips that you must remember while selecting an Engineering branch. Don’t go for any branch under parental or peer pressure. If you select a branch that you are not interested in, then you will regret it later. I hope this article helped you. Also read other awesome articles on our site.

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