2 cool advantages of selecting B Sc Course

In this article, I will mention some added advantages that B Sc courses offers. These days, thanks to the increased number of Engineering seats made available by new private Engineering Colleges, more and more students are ditching B Sc and opting for Engineering course. But what they are forgetting is that B Sc courses are also awesome, holding much potential. Let me mention 2 great advantages of pursuing B Sc-

B Sc

2 cool advantages offered by B Sc programs-

1 Scholarships

The first advantage is that attractive scholarships are being offered to bright students, who opt for B Sc course. Yes, due to decreasing popularity of B Sc courses, State Governments have been introducing number of scholarships to entice bright students and make them pursue B Sc courses instead of going for Engineering.


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Some of these scholarships covers the entire studying expenses that comes a student’s way. And under some scholarship schemes, expenses associated with M Sc course is also covered.


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Please note that the above mentioned scholarships are only offered to top ranking students.


2 Good job opportunities in Research and Development field

Okay, so why state Government is offering such attractive scholarships to top ranking students who pursue B Sc course? It is because of the fact that they want to develop the R&D (Research and Development) sector in India.


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You see, there is a shortage of qualified R&D professionals that India is facing right now. And to be honest, it seems like no one is interested in becoming a Scientist! Students are keen to become Engineers and Doctors!


So, to make students take B Sc as well as M Sc courses and to make them build a career in R&D field, the Government is offering attractive scholarships.


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A career in R&D sector is not a bad proposal! Actually, it is a very rewarding job! Particularly with the Government taking interest and providing assistance, career in R&D sector will be very rewarding!

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